CFO Seminar and Emigrant Sticker: How I finally got mine

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  1. ramaiah says:

    if we apply and got the OCI card visa in india and then we can able to get CFO sticker in philippines embassy on INDIA itself? is ithat possible if yes can you tell me how we can CFO sticker and get in philippines embassy on INDIA

  2. rosie says:

    im pil citizen and im staying now in india.i already marry a indian it possible i can apply in phil embassy in india a permanent visa?

  3. ramaiah says:

    My wife attended seminar for CFO and got the GUIDANCE AND COUNSELING CERTIFICATE, now me ( indian Husband ) married my wife ( Filipino citizon) legal married and have NSO marriage certificate all and now we are living more than 2 years in india together now my wife going to apply OCI Card in india itself after taking the OCI card can we show the GUIDANCE AND COUNSELING CERTIFICATE in Philippines embassy in INDIA and can take same like you have pasted the Commision on Filipino overseas sticket ( EMIGRANT NO) visa same like that for my wife we can als have that in philippines embassy and do they give the EMIGRAN NO Bisa?

    • admin says:

      Hello, Ramiah. As far as I know, the CFO sticker can only be obtained in the Philippines, not in the Philippine embassies or consulates. Your wife can get it from the CFO office when she visits the Philippines. She only has to show the Guidance and Counseling Certificate (as proof that she has attended it already), NSO marriage certificate, and copies of your and her passports.

  4. Gee says:

    Any advice, my fiancee will have his CFO seminar a day before his flight to the US. You think it’s not a problem? The certificate and sticker are both issue after the seminar right? Thanks

  5. dona says:

    Hi sis ask ko lng i have already my CFO(GCP) i got it last year my husband is indian his in malaysia now.,now i have baby already plan namin mag travel ng baby ko as tourist visa only so hindi ko na kailangan kumuha ng CFO STICKER?
    Dba ang cfo sticker para lng sa mga mag ma migrate? Thnak u po

    • admin says:

      You are correct. You will only need the CFO sticker if you are immigrating, because you need to show an immigrant visa (or its equivalent) in order to get it.

  6. ramaiah says:

    Am an Indian Citizen and my wife is philippines citizen , we life together around 2 years in INDIA when my come to india with ENTRY (X-Vixa ) which is valid for 5 years and 2 times in INDIA FRRO we register and then the office in FRRO ask us next time when we come to FRRO ( indian immigration office) they ask will issue the OCI card for my wife in philippines passport, so is that my wife once she got the OCI card in INDIA and can travel back to philippines and get the CFO sticker in her passport (she already attended CFO seminar and got the CFO guidance certificate) so she can get the CFO sticket in her passport in manila CFO office or once my wife got the OCI card in INDIA and philippines embassy in INDIA itself issue the CFO sticker in her passport please let me know.

  7. Haidz says:

    Hello i have attented the seminar last year December… Now I’ve got my visa approved.. Do I need to set an appointment to get the immigrant sticker? Thank you

    • admin says:

      As far as I know, you don’t need to set an appointment to get the immigrant sticker. You can simply walk-in with all the pertinent documents (passport with visa, CFO seminar/certificate, etc.), and you’ll be given the sticker after a short wait.

  8. Shai says:

    What if i missed my cfo last saturday but i have my reasons can i walk in tomorrow for another seminar ? I have flight in the 22nd of march . And i need my cfo tomorrow please

  9. Myrna says:

    Hi I just want to ask regarding the sticker of CFO.I had already done with the seminar.My husband is a American and he is working in Japan, i have a tourist VISA for just days. Do i need to a sticker from CFO. please help me regarding my situation.Thank you and God bless

  10. juliet diwayan says:

    hi, Am I eligible for a CFO sticker, as I am a Non-EEA family member holding a recidency card permit and were planning to have a vacation there in the philippines this coming june.
    As far as I read as well to the forums regarding CFO you can only obtain it from the philippines not on the foreign country.. I need an advice please….

  11. maria van dijk says:

    I’ve been living with my dutch husband for 5 years in the carribeans. I attended the CFO guidance counseling and I was able to obtain my certificate but not emigration sticker.I lost my certificate should I apply again?Even if I had attended it before?Will it be a problem in case I want to visit the Philippines and go out again?

    • admin says:

      I really have no idea, but I think it’s reasonable to expect that the CFO would keep a database of those who have attended the seminar.

  12. Rey Mendoza says:

    Can i get my sticker at the airport or should i get it in your office? Please help me. Your office doesnt anyone to handle my calls. Thnx

  13. J. M. says:

    Hi, I already attended my seminar at cfo last year and I got my guidance counseling certificate, also I paid 400 pesos. Do i need to set an appointment again when I go there to get my cfo sticker on my passport? I already have my us spouse visa. Thanks

  14. Kaycy says:

    NEED HELP! I was married abroad so I only have one original copy of our Report of Marriage. Are they going to take it? I need it for other important legal matters too 🙁

    • admin says:

      You can obtain certified true copies of your Report of Marriage from the NSO/PSA. To answer your question: they do not keep the original copy/or CTO of the Report of Marriage or any document, only the photocopies.

  15. Sheila says:

    Hi, just a question po. My passport and visa bears my maiden name. Thing is, I got married here in Australia and is about to report my marriage to one of the Phil embassies here and assumes that once nso releases my marriage certificate MY SURNAME CHANGES INTO MY HUSBAND’s. Does it matter if I have different surnames(my passport and visa differ from my marriage cert) ? Will the cfo require me to update my passport? Thought you might have an idea 🙂 otherwise I will ring them about this thank you . God bless!

    • admin says:

      I wish I could help you, Sheila, but I’ve always used my maiden name so I’ve never run into this kind of quandary.

  16. Emely says:

    What are the requirements for the CFO sticker? When can one go??

  17. Rolf Sture says:

    Thank you for a very interesting and good article. I have a spouse that is in the Philipines now. She is going to attend the CFO seminar august 8. We have the marriage certificate from the norwegian government, but did not hear anything from the Phil embassy in norway after we registered our marriage. I see that the requirement is duly stamped by the embassy or DFA? Is that really needed you think?

    Thanks a lot!!

    • admin says:

      Your wife can either a.) Get the Norwegian marriage certificate stamped by the embassy or DFA or b.) Obtain a certified true copy of the Report of Marriage from the Philippine Statistics Authority (formerly known as the National Statistics Office). I recommend option B.

  18. Cris says:

    Hello…need help…I got CFO certificate and stamp in my passport (that was 2 years ago in fiance visa) My question is,do I need to do the seminar again if I change my name in my passport? I haven’t change it though..(its still in my maiden name),just want to make sure coz Im thinking about visit the phils soon..thanks

  19. Sheela says:


    My question is, can i just have nso birth certi marriage certi? Are they going to accept it if its in nso not psa? Because im worried. I gave my original docs to the US embassy. I only have photocopies of it.

    • admin says:

      They’ll accept the NSO certificates. It’s the same agency under its old name. But I’m not sure if they’ll accept the photocopies without seeing the original. They’ll need to compare the original to the photocopies.

    • admin says:

      I mean original NSO/PSA certificates, which are certified true copies of the original and printed on security paper. Not the original marriage certificate or the original birth certificate.

  20. Maureen says:

    Very useful article. I am in the exact same situation as you were. Must have traveled to India countless times and just today this bummer came stopping me to get my passport renewed. Really tired of Filipino ways of doing things but your post here is very helpful

  21. lenda says:

    hello this is len I just wanna to ask if after the seminar they will give us the cfo certificate together with the stamp of the cfo sticker in our passport at the same day? my husband is a korean and they required as to attend seminar of 2 days …thanks

    • admin says:

      You will get the CFO certificate on the same day, right after the seminar. If you already have an immigrant visa/status, you will also have the CFO sticker affixed to your passport.

  22. ADHELA says:

    Good day po .. just wanna ask . .my husband is from sri lanka he is working i uae and he plan to take family visa in uae .. do i need to get the stickers if i have the entry permit only in uae .. ( i have the cfo certificate already ) . Thank you in advance for the reply 😊

    • admin says:

      You will need the sticker only when you receive your immigrant visa/status.

    • Ana Soberano says:

      Hi! Same tayo ng situation. Nakapunta ka na ba ng UAE? Ano ginawa mo? My husband is dutch but living in UAE. I will be under his visa so entry permit lang din makukuha ko hindi immigrant visa.

  23. Tere dilag says:

    Asked ko lng po regarding cfo plan po kc nmin ng indian bf ko na mgpakasal sa uae don po kc sya based.My appoinment npo ako sa cfo this coming week..

  24. Tere dilag says:

    May visa na rin po ako 3months

  25. Rea says:

    Hi ask lng po’ ako kaka renew ko lng nang passport witch is I have change my maiden name I’m married to indian d pa po ako nka kuha ng cfo plan to travel next month kmi ng mga anak ko so need ba tlaga kumuha ng cfo kc oci holderfdn mi sa India ..thank u

  26. Raqi says:

    CFO is mandatory for immigrant spouses?

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