Homeschooling in the Philippines: Why I homeschool

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  1. Rheza Santos says:

    hi, im rheza.we are interested in homeschooling but we cant aford the private homeschool since we cant find a free online school here in philippines.
    we like your ideas.can you help us get the right lesson materials for our daughter?
    What if some say that it should be dep ed acredated school? how can we explain? ty

    • admin says:

      Hi, Rheza. I’m assuming your daughter is at elementary-school age? For first-time homeschoolers, I strongly recommend enrolling the child in a DepEd-accredited homeschool provider. A DepEd accredited school gives curriculum support, as well as guidance for teaching your child at home and opportunities for connecting with other homeschoolers in organized activities. Most importantly, when the time comes for your child to join a regular school or go to college, she will need to have a Form 137 or Form 138 (whichever the case may be) and/or a Transcript of Grades/Records, which only a DepEd accredited homeschool provider can give. Of course, you can still choose to do independent homeschooling and have your daughter take the Philippine Educational Placement Test or Philippine Validating Exam from the DepEd. You will also need to produce an educational portfolio consisting of worksheets, notebooks, tests, and projects as proof that you homeschooled your daughter. For free curriculum guides and learners’ materials/modules, visit the DepEd’s Learning Resources Portal.

  2. Rheza Santos says:

    thank you very much maam. what homeschool can you recomend? that have the lowest tuition? ty

  3. Rheza Santos says:

    thank you again.

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